SEJIN E&P Co., Ltd. is a technology development company related to chemical, microorganism, and material engineering. We have developed and supplied field-oriented technologies and solutions such as agricultural products, food freshener (Freshen), sterilization, deodorant household products, eco-friendly paints, based on ClO2 gelation stabilization and sustained release technology, and organic waste treatment devices utilizing high-temperature fermenting microbial technology.


ClO2 is one of the safest and powerful disinfectant, sterilizer, deodorant, but not used in gaseous form as an unstable substance boiling at 11 degrees. As SEJIN E&P has developed unique ClO2 gelation and solid stabilization sustained release technology, it can be commercialized in various products.

How To work

Oxygen sterilization, disinfection and

  • - Oxidizes breaks down cellular protein components
  • - Damage cell wall and membrane
  • - Destroy bacteria and virus

Strong sterilization

Its strong oxidation, even in very small amounts, directly acts on the cell membranes of bacteria, viruses, and fungi and destroys them in a short time.

Excellent deodorant power

Oxidative decomposition of odor-causing substances

Sterilization & Deodorization Patch Card

card wallet
card wallet

Smartphone Virus Patch

  • Coronavirus: cleaning your phone more effective than wearing a face mask.
    (South China Moring Post)
  • Your Cell Phone Is 10 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat (TIME 2017)
  • Degree of Bacterial Contamination of Mobile Phone and Computer Keyboard Surfaces and Efficacy of Disinfection with Chlorhexidine Digluconate and Triclosan to Its Reduction (NCBI 2018)
  • Dangerous passengers: multidrug-resistant bacteria on hands and mobile phones (NCBI 2019)

Item Sterilization & Deodorization Patch Card
Usage For General, For general objects
Form Non- disinjection type, patch card
Product date Separately Mark 1 year from production
Shelf life 1 year from production
Weight 4g 1 sheet
Use by date 1 month from open
Effect Sterilization of bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. and Deodorization
Ingredients Sodium chlorite, Aluminum silicate, Citric Acid etc.

Patch Card Edition

basic special edition
BT 100S
Active ingredient sodium chlorite
citric acid
Uses ㆍfor general ㆍfor general object
ㆍNon-disinjection type ㆍcar
ㆍrestroom & bathroomㆍKitchen
ㆍcloset for cloth, shoes ㆍhome
ㆍrefrigerator ㆍpet toilet .etc


For places & spaces use only

When using this product

  • ㆍIf you feel irritation in an enclosed space, provide enough ventilation.
  • ㆍIf the product comes into contact with the skin for a long time, itching may be caused. Wash it thoroughly with running water and immediately consult a doctor if there is any abnormality.

Freshen’s Total Solution

Easy keep fresh

Increasing demand for effective Freshness keeping integration technology

  • Agricultural product distribution problem

    Increasing demand for management after harvesting agricultural products (quality control and distribution technology), at least $3 ~ 5 billion loss per year for agricultural products.

  • Increasing demand for freshness keep technology

    Besides basically Cold Chain System , Controlled Atmosphere (CA), Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) etc Demand for Small Package Leading Maintenance System Soared due to Mart's Larger Size, Nuclear Family, and Single Households

Freshen’s Application

Easy and effective freshness maintenance solution for less than $0.1/pack.
Various recycling at home such as refrigerator, shoe rack, fish tank, etc.


Maintain freshness from decay and deterioration caused by microorganisms

BIZ Model

  • Prevention of alteration in fresh food distribution (distance transport, export packaging)
  • Applied to fresh food export packaging(expanded export area)
  • Fruit and vegetable packaging container freshness maintenance agent
  • Applied to the distribution of seafood and livestock products
  • Application of processed foods such as sashimi and lunch
  • Apply confectionery (bread, cakes, etc.)

Extended Application

Control microbial fungi such as insects, earthworms, and beekeepers, control fish tanks and vases (tanks)


Large shops, vegetable showcases, fresh food storage warehouses, microorganisms such as molds and bacteria



Prevention of alteration by microorganisms and ethylene metabolism / showcase solution

Comparison Data of keeping Freshness

Strawberry Plum Cherry tomato Garpe


Microbial Sterilization Test

Excerpt from Korean Journal of Food and Nutrition (Sejin)

Sterilization Effect of Staphyllococcus aureus and E.coli O157H: 7 on Chlorine Dioxide Gas Pack

Sterilization test of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus by gel pack treatment
Early Concentration
After 48 hr Concentration
Reduction rate
Escherichia coli Blank 1.7 x 104 1.7 x 104 -
ClO2gel pack 1.7 x 104 < 10 99.94
Staphylococcus aureus Blank 1.4 x 104 1.4 x 104 -
ClO2gel pack 1.4 x 104 < 10 99.93
  • - Listeria monocytogeneses bactericidal Effect ; treating chlorine dioxide gas gel pack
  • - Listeria monocytogeneses sterilization test and death rate by chlorine dioxide gas gel pack treatment
ClO2 Concentration(ppmv)
0 5 7 10 15
Listeria monocytogenes
(Log CFU/mL)
5.90±0.02 4.89±0.03 3.93±0.03 3.34±0.02 2.97±0.01
Reduction rate
- 90.45 98.97 99.73 99.89

Comparison of C2H4 (ethylene gas) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) absorbents

ITEM 0 30min 1hour 2hour 4hour 6hour
FRESHEN-E100 1.998 9.999 1.547 9.999 0.627 3.941 0.288 2.194 0.01 1.913 0.01 1.602
Zeolite 1.992 9.999 1.794 9.978 0.867 5.919 0.609 3.858 0.605 3.745 0.601 3.724
Activated carbon 1.999 9.999 1.985 9.999 1.823 9.245 1.565 8.654 1.552 8.651 1.549 8.591

Extend to North America & overseas

NDC Registrations of AV1000, AV100, B100 and BT100S in type of OTC
(meaning general pharmaceuticals)

※ NDC : National Drug Code / OTC : Over-the-Counter

Products registered and certificated

  • AV-1000

    Certificate of free sales

    NDC NO. 77130-0001-1

  • AV-100

    Certificate of free sales

    NDC NO. 77130-0002-1

  • Freshen B100

    Certificate of free sales

    NDC NO. 77130-0004-1

  • BT 100S

    Certificate of free sales

    NDC NO. 77130-0003-1





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